What Brings Me Joy? – Round 2.

One Blessed Fool's Way to Happiness

This is the continuation of this post:

20. Good touch – friends’ hugs, touch that is a gesture of kindness or empathy, holding a child, any and all of these. I can feel these moments healing my body’s memory of negative/hurtful touch and helping me to relax into enjoying the experience of this particular sense.

21. That I’m beginning to feel safe enough to enjoy wearing skirts and dresses (!!!) and more “noticeable” shoes and jewellery etc. I’m more comfortable feeling feminine, and beautiful. There’s no man around whose gaze particularly scares me into hiding. (One of the reasons why I haven’t been to see my family in a long time – I feel like I need to hide again there. And I don’t want to take a step back.)

22. Nature documentaries – both for feeling the connection with nature, a sense of  belonging, and a sense of awe for its beauty, and also…

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