About Still Another Photoblog

It just had to happen.  This blog is a spinoff.  And the story behind it is a very long one.  I am an astrologer, a closeted one.  I work in a very conservative profession, and although a few astrologers in the profession have “come out of the closet,” I am not willing to do this.  Maybe someday, but not yet.

I started “doing” astrology fairly seriously in the early 1990’s.  I did a few charts for friends, but went underground in 2000 about the time I entered a professional degree program.  I did all my work privately, and I was my only client.

In 2008, I started an anonymous astrology blog.  It has had over 100,000 pageviews, might top 200,000 in 2016, and currently has over 300 followers.  In 2015 I started reblogging select content of other astrologers, and my traffic shot through the roof.  I had to spin off to another blog, then another, then another.  Somewhere in the process I started a photoblog that vaguely resembled the content mix of Playboy / Penthouse in the 1970’s / 1980’s.  (Particularly Penthouse.)

This blog was (intentionally) similar to the vintage “pornography” of yesteryear that is very tame by today’s internet standards.  It is almost entirely reblogs of mostly bikini pics, lingerie pics, a few nudes here and there, and as many erotic stories (aka “erotica” or “adult fiction”) as I can fit.  I also mix in a fair amount of nudist photography and poetry (some erotic and some not).  Sometimes advertising for lingerie or other items makes it in, though (at this time) I receive no compensation for that.  To the degree I can, I aim for a female audience as well as a male one knowing that more and more women are reading such sites in the relative anonymity of the internet.  My traffic analysis tells me that I am, more or less, getting that right.

Somewhere in late December 2015 (“now” as I write this), a number of members of the photography community found that photoblog.  The jump in traffic was undeniable, and I am a hobby photographer myself.  I saw an opportunity, but none of my existing blogs were a fit for what I was seeing.  I LOVE much of their work, but it does not fit in the intended mix of that original photoblog.  So, I have created this photoblog for the beautiful and elegant G-Rated content that does not fit in a R-Rated (to X-Rated) photoblog.  But, like the original, I am primarily a (re-)publisher or curator rather than originator of content.

If you find your work here, and do not want it here or reblogged, notify me immediately by content, and I will take it down.  In no way do I intend to infringe on anyone’s copyrights, and I will respond as quickly as I can.   I will also try to give attributions, but, honestly, I receive so much traffic now that sometimes that gets dropped.  If you need an attribution, and I dropped it, let me know (by comment) and I will remedy that ASAP.

That said, I am aiming here for a mix of “best of breed” photographers combined with newcomers.  My selections here are completely arbitrary, and I admit no obligation to post anyone’s work.  If you do not like what I post (someone always complains, I know this in advance), then go elsewhere.

And if you do like what I have chosen, let me know that too.  Most of the astrology blogging was rather lonely for a number of years, and although I did receive the occasional comment in the early days, often it felt like I was my only audience.  I almost gave up several times and had to “restart” the blog.  But, this time, I suspect that “things” are a bit different.

That said, here is the chart for the birth of this blog:

2015-12-28 Birth of Still Another Photoblog


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