Shedding Light on the Landscapes of Eigg

Karen Thorburn Photography

Creativity is a funny thing. Sometimes my urge to write and capture images burns brightly for weeks on end. At other times that desire can be as fleeting as a shaft of light on an overcast winter’s day. One thing is certain though – the urge will always return. I couldn’t publish my posts fast enough over the winter months. The ideas were overflowing and I wrote some of my best work to date. It’s springtime now and it feels like the well has dried up slightly over the last month as I’ve been sidetracked with making grand plans for the year ahead.

Rum from Cleadale, Isle of Eigg Rum from Cleadale at sunrise, Isle of Eigg. I climbed to the cliff top at the northern end of the island and was rewarded with this view. I waited for the shadows to recede to reveal sufficient foreground interest before firing the shutter.

Long story short – it’s been a month since I…

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