In Tenna – Safien Tal, Grigione, CH

  • AstroSpiral ~ The Pilgrimage continues ....

    Good morning…
    These were the sights this early morning…out the door.


    Walser huus opposite the path, and my li’l perch, eh…porch

    My entrance…and a broom..ancient design. Not found in stores

    Resting on a bench…wildflowers and meadows abound. Very steep.
    If i were to somersault from here…it be a long way down.

    Yesterday I arrived at Versam/Safien train station in the Rhine gorge (near source of river Rhine) and was told to take the bus up to Tenna.
    Ha, the bus was a van ….. as the curves were too narrow for a regular bus…. and as I came to see, wisely so. Overall, the ride was not for the faint of heart. Either that or iI turned into a wimp.
    Steep drops right next to the road.
    Oh dear…what i have gotten myself into this time??
    When we arrived the driver announced we have just climbed 1000 meters in altitude…

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