Full Moon, Full Me

Lyme and a Coconut

One day I won’t dread the full moon.

One day I’ll look up and gaze

at what ought to bring wonder

and celestial inspiration

rather than another night

alone in bed, head under a cool cloth

and legs being stretched like

sadistic taffy – the kind that sticks

and convinces you you’ll never

make it through this one.

Except you do

and another month passes

another moon comes

and, again, you simply wish

to see its beauty

and nothing else.


I just wrote that on the fly after last night’s pain and today’s realization that the full moon won’t ALWAYS have this negative hold on my body. My stem cell treatment will retrain my immune system to correctly and better fight those Lyme spirochetes so I become someone in remission, not in active daily pain and illness.

I look forward to chasing after the moon again, like a child…

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