Beltane: Sexual Revolution. Update.


Profesisonal Image received. Sometimes it is wise to pay for a professional!

Beltane Sexual Revolution. Professional Image. I am excited to think about getting a short run of fine art prints done of this original now. Each will be hand gilded.

(Copy of previous post)

Well that was a labour of love!

The vision for this piece occured over the Beltane nights.

I have always enjoyed doodling and very much admire much of the psychedelic work available to me now through the internet. So I thought I would have a go and this is what evolved over two weeks!

This work was miraculously saved from destruction, twice, as TWO bottles of ink were spilled in the process…dip pen and indian ink is more exhausting than I remember from art college! I kind of wish I had photos of both those near disasters as they were pretty astounding, ink hit everything , but the drawing!!


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