Flint Eastwood

Rhapsody Bohème

My Sorgenfresser (Worry-Eater) came in the mail today. I have mentioned that I’m reverting back to my childhood right? Even though that in my childhood we didn’t have these guys around, and perhaps that is the very reason as to why I want one now. Maybe it’s just another bizarre moment like the rain boot incident, the ukulele or the Easter egg coloring. It doesn’t matter, as long as it is fun.A Sorgenfresser is a plushy kind of monster, who eats your worries away. The mouth is formed by a zipper that runs across his face and when unzipped reveals a little pocket. The award winning toy was created in Germany in 2006 and has become a huge success across Europe. In 2014 Amazon predicted the Sorgenfresser to be amongst the top 20 most popular Christmas toys.

What you do is just write or draw your worries on a piece…

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