be free and breathe

A full moon, who’s light illuminated every clouds’ outline as it sat shyly behind, seemed to wait for the right time to make its grand appearance. I was waiting too, as this would be the only weekend to bask in her light with my feet planted in Costa Rica’s rich soil while bathing in nature. After a week and some, I felt rooted to the earth, connected to nature in such a way that I had not before. Every color was more vivid, sounds more pronounced, and each touch was sweeter. Life was brilliant.

I sat in the back, as we twisted and turned around the winding roads leading us into a sort of civilization; more so than the ranch where we were coming from, but not at all like where I personally came from. City lights were nonexistent, humbly constructed teakwood cottages in place of skyscrapers, and space for trees…

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