Iquitos and the Saturn Return

Void of Course


The day before I left for the Peruvian Amazon in January, the moon was full and in my natal moon sign of Cancer. As a native Cancer moon, I thrive in feelings. The logical doesn’t make sense, intuition does. My emotions constantly sway back and forth like the tides of the ocean. I took it as a sign that this trip was meant to be. It was one of the many symbolic connections I had been making since I booked my flights.


It was my first trip just for me. I was completely on my own, not yet acquainted with any of the beautiful souls I was about to meet. For one week, I would be deep in the jungle with these people with no phone service or internet. Here, we would help make the sacred plant medicine, ayahuasca, and drink the brew together.


(The ayahuasca vine seen on…

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