Simple and Stunning: Tatsuo Suzuki’s Black and White Pictures of Urban Japan

On Art and Aesthetics

Having started shooting in 2008, Tokyo-based photographer Tatsuo Suzuki (born 1965) has garnered a substantial fan following on social media. He mostly captures Japanese cities in black and white, presenting before the viewer different classes of society and a variety of psychological states.

We find in this sophisticated portfolio the homeless, the aged, the differently abled, couples in love, lonely and troubled young professionals – sitting on benches and in cafés, standing pensively in crowds, making their way across pedestrian crossings, the subway, malls and other locations.

Tatsuo says: “My aim in shooting the street is to show that the world is beautiful, interesting, wonderful and sometimes cruel. I do this by means of photography, through my own eyes and with my gear. I feel happy and glad when someone feels some emotion when they see my shots.”

Tatsuo Suzuki Tatsuo Suzuki

Tatsuo Suzuki’s work has been recognised by popular online magazines like LensCulture…

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