it’s not a pen fetish… i promise

Lizzy Grace Writes...

So. I have this thing for pens.  Like not quite a fetish.. But I can stand in the isle at the office supply store (oh, how i love those stores) and look, and touch and test them, all over the little testing papers they put out… for a really long time.. and I purchase more pens than any normal person should have. I get excited when I find a new brand that I haven’t discovered yet or yes, when my favorites go on sale!  I will be honest with you, I even search online, for new brands and read reviews about them …oh you have no idea how good it feels to get this off my chest.  I love pens.

But that is a little off topic. This blog post is not just about my pens. There is a purpose for me disclosing that bit of oddity about myself to you……

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