15 Wild Thoughts Every Bride Has Just Before The Wedding Night

A Fault By Default

Well, these days ‘marriage’ has become the smoking hot topic of every discussion. You know a torrid affair whose flames are rising briskly? For past couple of months, this is what ‘marriage’ has become suggestive of. So, this train of thoughts has a reason – My friends’ approaching marriage(s). While I was still recovering from these thoughts about the fears of marriage, I stumbled upon rather interesting musings.

Yes! If the whole marriage thing was not enough, please make way for the Wedding Night! I mean, cmon Bollywood made a full-length song about it. How can one forget “Suhaag Raat hai, ghunghat utha raha hun main?” Wedding Night as in Suhaag Raat certainly makes the talks about marriage a little more fascinating. Right?

So, I thought of channeling the wild thoughts every bride has before the wedding night by questioning the many would-be brides around me. So, h

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