Jehona Thaqi

Her porcelaine skin and rosé colored cheeks

shone brightly in the dazzeling light of a full moon’s night,

her deep brown hair dancing through the wind

and saving the snowflakes from falling to the white carpet underneath her feet.

She was a woman of vivid dreams and far lands,

if only she could see herself through less deceitful eyes than hers;

if only she knew the very impact of her tears upon this earth

then she would walk slowly upon the freshly fallen snow

and conquer more than the ground could ever hold.

Instead she ran home;

her soft heart drowning in a sea of self-destruction and pain,

she slammed the doors behind her; tremendously sorry for her still breathing lungs,

and while her hands began to shake in agony of losing life

or maybe of living,

her cries softened and she fell silent again.

This breath-taking woman

had everything

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