Fire in the Water Chapter 4 & 5


A few samples of Chapter 4 and 5 of Fire in the Water Part I. (Not in order, meaning the pages do not flow from 1-10, or from pages 4-7. So it will sound a bit choppy)

Edmond flees to the mountains to clear his thoughts after his tormenting encounter with the mystery girl.

His encounter with the bird in his dreams

Earlier in chapter 4, Edmond identifies the Character of Emptiness. Here in this conversation, Edmond communicates with himself

Enter Ana. A friend of Edmond, inflamed with extreme passion for him. But upon his denial

Persistent in trying to decipher what is the root of Edmond’s disturbance, Ana pummels Edmond with a series of questions,

(Enter chapter 5)

Page skip. (New Scene)

Edmond declares that he wants to move away. Ana will then ask where to and why?

Perplexed and with an answer, Edmond discerns within himself that he…

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