A Favorite Song Sheet..

Can you remember the words to this popular Christmas carol?  Hopefully each block on the quilt will help you remember.  Every time I walk by it I break out into a block or two of the song.  It the most fun creative project ever and I feel energized looking at it.

Energetically, I imagine that the colors, fabric textures and little surprises through-out the quilt (custom buttons, crystals, and ribbons adding texture and dimension) project a heart centered frequency.   The green colors are heart chakra for love, forgiveness, compassion and kindness and the unexpected surprise.  The red fabrics are for the earth chakra and along with the square shapes in the quilt project frequency qualities of stability, grounding, family, friends and belonging .  The yellows in the quilt convey a Fire chakra invitation to move and dance with joy.

Appreciations! The fabrics and quilt pattern were designed by Nancy…

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