Kulu Kulu: Mochi Cheese


Sometimes desserts just look way better than they taste. This beautiful thing is a perfect example. I still couldn’t figure out what it was. Part mochi, part cheesecake, part fruit thing? It was so weird and chewy and it probably didn’t help that I left in the fridge overnight. Still, it’s very pretty and I’m a sucker for pretty dishes. I can’t help it. I feel like my insides are filled with animal shaped cookies and pink cotton candy.

If you’re interested in trying this dessert, it can be found at Kulu Kulu. I believe they have three stores in Hawaii but I happened to get this at the Royal Hawaiian food court. I probably wouldn’t recommend it especially since Uncle Tetsu is right door and their Ooey Gooey cookie is to die for. Kulu Kulu has other items – like their baked cheesecake bar that’s pretty good too. Let me…

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