A Flower in (Late) Bloom… how it all started…


             I’ve been wanting to start a blog about the things I’m passionate about… traveling, gardening, photography, motherhood, retirement, cooking, finance, etc. I just couldn’t get myself to start and I procrastinated. Through the years, I realized that I have lost my passion, I somewhat lost myself… I felt like a hamster running on the wheel just trying to catch up on life… Then one day, I decided to travel to Europe and I found “myself” in Paris. It was nothing special at first… I was just caught up in the moment being in the City of Love…  then it hit me… I found my Frenchman and he was my catalyst… I came back to the US a transformed woman… how that happened, I couldn’t explain but I knew he had something to do with it. It seemed that my spirit was locked up…

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