The Devil Take The Hindmost #writephoto #prompt


Sue Vincent’s latest #writephoto prompt is this


The Devil’s Own
‘New boy?’
‘Been down a year.’
‘Done well then, getting a posting like this. Wadya do? Serial killer?’
‘Sort of. The Weetabix Murders?’
‘Ah The Cereal Killer. That explains it. So did they say what we do here, umm… What’s the new name?’
‘I’m Macabre.’
‘Better that Gloom. I’ve always had a happy disposition.’
‘Not exactly a winner in this place. Luci isn’t partial to smiles.’
‘The boss. Term of affection though not to his faces.’
‘So what do we do?’
‘Easy in theory. We stop people – well anything really – leaving by the back gate.’
‘Why don’t you lock it?’
‘It just takes a couple of trolls wanting to pop out for a swift magnum of beer and it’s another large bill. Luci hates spending money. Not like Him up there what with his trust funds…

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