Hello x

Tiffany Belle Harper

I’ve been doing new things with my life. Many years ago I used to renovate properties. I lost my confidence with it all. I became complacent. It’s done a full circle as I’ve found peace with it once more. I’m being daring and colourful – deciding to give back life to tired walls and abandoned pieces of furniture. I’ve found vintage frames to splash my photography around.

I’ve also been baking from my Nan’s old cookbook. You can’t beat the days of hand whisks and plastic pudding bowls.

I haven’t got the internet.  There’s a balance that I struggle to find. I am an all or nothing person. I wish I could just pop online for an hour each evening and catch up with friends but that hour rolls on to an entire day.

I’ve been writing my book. It began with a dullness but I’ve dug a little deeper…

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