Gypsy Fray – Painted Shells and an Old Chair #Diary #Blog

  • Tiffany Belle Harper

    Just arrived back in Warwickshire following some ‘very’ busy times. And … how lovely to find a parcel waiting for me from my lovely friend in Australia ‘ Ann Masters’ who very kindly let me choose a piece from a wonderful artist also in Australia named ‘Gypsy Fray’ who has a fabulous Etsy Store. Very ‘boho chic’ not to mention elegant. All of her accessories are handmade. Such detail … I chose a necklace. The colours jumped out and I loved the unusual, slightly ‘quirky’ design. I thought I’d create a little blog by means of thank you and to show others ‘Gypsy Fray’s’ Etsy Store. You’ll find beautiful scarves there too! The necklace is made beautifully with so much intricacy, beads, ribbon, fabrics, twists of cotton. I really LOVE it!!

    Thanks Ann – Love You To Bits. How kind and thoughtful. Am going out later so will send you…

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