‘Wonderstruck’ Waffles!

Ammy's Track Uphill


All pictures are from http://picturesofwaffles.tumblr.com/

Jane Austen famously said, it is a truth universally acknowledged that a food not waffled is a less tasty food.

My mother’s milestone 50th birthday celebrations couldn’t exclude my favourite Chocolate Waffle. Life just keeps getting better with every bite of Waffle. This English dessert is liked by you, your parents and even your grandparents. This sugary, sticky dish is made out of flour and water, heated between two iron plates are now popular the world over, produced in sweet and savoury varieties, in myriad shapes and size.  Apple Cider Waffles, Banana Waffles, Cinnamon flavoured Waffles, Nutella Waffles are healthy breakfasts whereas Berry Syrup Waffles, Ice cream Sandwich Waffles  Blueberry Waffles and Red Velvet Waffles are the one mostly enjoyed as desserts.

Can Waffles be served as main course?

If Yes, Then How?

A new Avatar to your favourite Waffles which are likely to replace…

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