Kai Zhala!

Waited for quite a long time to write my next post and here I am at an extremely intriguing new place, 1173 km away from home, where I am set to spend the next three years of my college life; Pune City.

A thriving metropolitan, Pune is a hub for businesses and academia and represents a splendid fusion of posh lifestyle and life of the interiors of the city. Pune has magnificently preserved its history, cultures and traditions even after globalisation knocked at its door in the 1990s and transformed the city for good.

Located near the western margin of the Deccan Plateau, the city experiences frequent rain showers and refreshing winds which give people all the more reasons to come and live here.

Many adventurers indulge in trekking activities to disparate places in and around Pune. The treks on these gorgeous lush green mountains are remarkably thrilling…

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