Wheels within Color Wheels

Write of Passage

Since late last night, I have been playing around with color families and wash effects on Zentangles, as suggested for Days 22 and 23 in one Zentangle a Day. Per the book’s suggestion, I tried some white Gelly Roll pen figures with a watercolor wash over them. But either I have the wrong kind of Gelly Roll, or I have used too much water to wet my tile. The results keep washing out the gel ink so that the design won’t show through the paint. Or maybe my colors are not deep enough? Maybe. But I have given up on watercolor for now and am attempting a wash effect using colored pencils. 

Another recommendation is to create color wheels of warm and cool versions of primary colors. Until a few years ago, I thought warm colors were reds, yellows, and oranges; while cool colors were blues, greens, and purples…

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