The Accidental Birdwatcher


One sunny afternoon in the Autumn of 2006 I was painting in my studio (a.k.a. kitchen) when two doves alighted on the narrow ledge outside my window and began cooing.  I had lived in this city apartment for several years and this never happened before so I was curious. I observed them as they observed me.  They flew away after a while so I put some bread crumbs out on the ledge to see if they would come back the next day.  To my delight they did and made short work of the crumbs.  They returned each afternoon and I quickly ran out of crumbs.  So off to the pet supply store I went and purchased birdseed.  Not only did the two doves return, they brought several friends and relatives.  They began appearing in the morning as well so I distributed seeds early and late.

At first the doves all…

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