49 Mind-Blowing Photos You Wouldn’t Believe Were Taken In Malaysia


    With the thick blanket of murky grey haze engulfing Malaysia, it’s easy to forget how beautiful this slice of haven on earth actually is.

    So, we decided to compile a collection of photos so breathtaking, quaint and picturesque, to revel on while we wait for the ugly grey smoke to subside:

    • Most of these photos were taken by professional photographers, at various off-beat resorts, islands and states in Malaysia.

    1. Malaysia’s very own Hamptons at The Datai, Langkawi


    2. Look at the colour of the water!


    Sipadan-Kapalai Dive Resort, Kapalai Island(sabah,malaysia)

    3. A resort fit to satisfy the inner Tarzan in all of us at Tadom Hill Resort in Banting

    c34c (1)d4f30b96

    3. Bora Bora? No, it’s our very own ‘backyard’ Bohey Dulang in Sabah,Malaysia(East Malaysia)


    4. This dairy farm in Kundasang looks straight out of a New Zealand postcard


    5. A war memorial in Sabah that resembles the medieval castles in…

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