The Fuji Freak

Sunday’s shoot in Snowdonia was very enjoyable even through it was more than a little rushed. As a result, some of the images were either over or under exposed. I have a rule that if I have to spend more than five to ten minutes on an image it gets bumped out of the archive. This meant that there would be the task of seeing what needed to be done so that I had some publishable images.

Of course, the real dilemma is: How much processing is too much? Well, that’s a very good point. I looked very carefully at the images I made during the shoot and from the 47 (94 including the JPEGs) I chose all 47 images for consideration for my blog, Flickr, Steller and/or Instagram (see earlier note!). I am very conscious of over-manpulating images; for example, I don’t like HDR images, focus stacking or any other time-consuming processes. Too much…

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