The Art Show Begins

A Teacher's Reflections

Children naturally gravitate to art, whether painting at an easel or drawing pictures.  Art is akin to sand and water; it triggers learning, and it’s fun for children.  Each year my class displays and Art Show for our entire community.  This has turned into a big event, because the art that children create is remarkable.  It is done over days and days.  Well, a masterpiece certainly wasn’t created in a day.  Neither are the works of art that my class creates.

Last year we studied Abstract Art, and Colin was captivated by the work of Kandinsky.  Colin really wanted to paint one of Kandinsky’s paintings, and he did.  He worked so hard:

Aqua Kadinsky

Did I mention that Colin was three-years-old?  No, he is not a child prodigy.  We simply gave Colin the tools, encouragement, and multiple days to work on his art.

When we begin our Art Show, first we have…

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