Living on the Edge: February on St Kilda

Karen Thorburn Photography

Boreray and the Stacks, St Kilda Boreray and the Stacks, St Kilda

February already. I’m still getting used to writing ‘2016’ and already we’re a month into the year. This morning, as Scotland was being battered by yet another winter storm, it was a delight to flip over the page on my copy of the St Kilda Club calendar to reveal my image ‘Boreray and the Stacks’, captured during a spell of glorious island sunshine in the summer of 2010. It’s quite a contrast to the weather today and I can only imagine what the conditions are like on St Kilda just now.

St Kilda is an archipelago located 41 miles west of Harris, near the edge of the continental shelf. Hirta, the main island of the group, was one of the remotest places in the British Isles to be permanently inhabited until the remaining 36 islanders were relocated to the mainland, at their request, in 1930. Their…

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