Seabirds and Lighthouses Galore on the Isle of May

Karen Thorburn Photography

The last few months have been a bit depressing – grey skies and rain interspersed with the occasional day of glorious sunshine. Fortunately things brightened up a bit last week. I’ve realised I’ve wasted too much time waiting for summer to arrive – it probably never will. I need to crack on and have some fun all the same. With this in mind, I booked myself on a boat trip to the Isle of May.

For someone who lives on the Black Isle, I seem to spend a lot of time in Fife! I had a good drive across the county and caught my first glimpse of the Isle of May on the approach to Pittenweem. The weather was changeable – sunshine and showers – but thankfully the visibility was good. The Isle of May is only five miles off Fife Ness but I hardly saw it when I walked the Fife Coastal Path last year due…

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