A Field of Yellow Flowers

Sometimes we have to rely only on the hopes that, someone, someday, will appreciate our works. https://grandtrines.wordpress.com/and-when-i-die/

Karen Thorburn Photography

At the beginning of February, the talented metalsmith artist, Barbara Zander, nominated me to participate in a ‘Five Day Art Challenge’. Over five consecutive days, I posted a selection of my favourite images on my Facebook page and nominated other artists to take part.  On the fourth day I chose my corn marigolds photograph and was touched by the comments and ‘likes’ I received from my followers. One of my friends posted a comment that brought a smile to my face; ‘It looks like a Van Gogh painting! Superb shot!’ The theme of this week’s WordPress photographic challenge is ‘life imitates art‘. Thank you, Barbara and Steph, for providing me with inspiration at a time when I was struggling for an idea.

Corn Marigolds, Blairtua, Black Isle Corn Marigolds, Blairtua, Black Isle

These corn marigolds have featured on my blog twice already. In my recent post, ‘Making Order From Chaos in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland‘, I revealed…

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