Lost and Found

  • The Fuji Freak

    As photographers, we tend to hoard our images. I know that I do and it takes up lots of room on my disk drives! Of course, we all know just exactly what we’ve got saved for a rainy day. Or do we…

    I’ve been spending a little time on my X-System files moving them around so I can present some of my previous jaunts overseas, mainly to France, where my lovely lady and I have had some wonderful times – and will again, I’m sure. Having moved two French trips from 2012, one from 2013 and a visit to Krakow also in 2013, I set about refreshing my memory of what I have.

    I was astonished when I opened up the first French trip finding some wonderful sunset images that I had completely forgotten about, as were a few street images, some church architecture, landscapes and so much more! There are…

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