Wet walk with kites

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

january hol 2016 091

From Addingham we drove round the edge of the moor to Dick Hudson’s, a pub known as a starting point for walkers. A short climb and you are up on the moors. The day was clear and windy, perfect for walking… the trouble was, the weeks prior to our arrival have seen an awful lot of unseasonable and mild rain… and the peat is saturated.

january hol 2016 100

We walked…or rather waded… through the stream that should have been the pathway, picking a laborious route from stone to tuft. Waterproof walking shoes are all very well, but when the water reaches your ankles, they aren’t going to stop the ingress. Even so… there were things we wanted to see… so we persevered. Even the grouse thought we were mad…

january hol 2016 093

We left the main rivulet, following what appeared to be a perfectly serviceable track through the heather. Within a few yards it was starting…

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