Hieroglyphic Mysteries


Today we drove to two other temples, Abydos and Dendera. Abydos is famous for the hieroglyphs that resemble an aeroplane, submarine and helicopter. Dendera is famous for having inscriptions resembling two light bulbs but I am not 100% on either of them that I truly believe that or not.

First we drove to Abydos which was around a 3 hour drive into the desert. About half an hour before you arrive it turns into more of a rough track which was unexpected.

After that you drive though the modern village of Abydos which has remained untouched by tourists. Our driver (Farag, who is the brother of the owner of our apartment) dropped us outside the entrance.

Abydos - Travellingminstrel # Abydos – Travellingminstrel #1

We walked up the new steps up to Seti 1st temple and after that we looked around. The helicopter and aeroplane hieroglyphs aren’t exactly in plain view but we spotted…

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