Perhentian Islands, the islands once known as The Station Island


Most people will not think of Perhentian Islands when asked about beautiful islands in Peninsular Malaysia. The more popular & commercialized island like Redang, Langkawi, Tioman will most probably pop up in their mind. I was guilty of that too until a visit to Perhentian Islands. It completely changed my view. The beautiful blue sky, clean pristine white beach and crystal clear water will surely blow your mind. Perhentian Island is, hands down, one of my favorite islands in Malaysia, Tioman Island and the Kota Kinabalu islands being the others.

Perhentian Islands consist of tiny group of gorgeous coral fringed islands located off the coast of northeastern Malaysia in Terengganu. The most famous of these islands are the Perhentian Besar & Pehentian Kecil. The much smaller uninhabited islands are the Susu Dara, Seringgi & Rawa islands.




When to go:

Definitely not during the eastern monsoon season from December to May…

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