Geek Holidays: November 25th: DB Cooper Day

Dave's Corner of the Universe

DB cooper 2

November 24th 1971, an American Legend was born. When “D.B. Cooper” jumped out of a flying Boing 727m with $200,000. So why are we celebrating America’s only uncaptured skyjacker? Well to paraphrase Star Lord “We are a planet of outlaws.” And unlike other famous outlaws in our history, like Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, Jessie James and Billy the Kid, Cooper at least never killed anyone (that we know of.)


So a little history, a man signing in as Dan Cooper bought a twenty buck ticket in cash to fly from Portland to Seattle. To me the fact that an airline ticket to anywhere only cost $20.00 in 1971 is the most fantastic part of the story. Once airborne he showed a stewardess (an Old English word for flight attendant) what he claimed was a bomb in a suitcase (later proven fake) he demanded two hundred grand in twenties…

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