Are You Ready for the Star Wars Tsunami?

Dave's Corner of the Universe


Unless you have been living in a swamp on Dagobah you are probably aware that there is a new Star Wars movie coming out in a few days. Last week I reprinted my opinions back when it was first announced that JJ Abrams would be helming the new instalment of the Star Wars saga. As we grow closer to the release date of The Force Awakens.

You can hide from the mighty tidal wave of Star wars, and SW merch. My 70 year old aunt is as excited about this movie as my 7 nephew. He also told me that he wished that the local Fred Myers (kind of a Pacific North West, version of Wal-Mart without the moral qualms) was full of just Star Wars items. Whether you like it or Star wars is going to son burst on the scene like twin suns of Tatoonie.


First off I…

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